Temple Concept and Location

Shree 108 Sakthi Peetam is located at Kannanthangal Village (about 10 kms from Sunguvarchattiram and 2 kms from Maduramangalam) in the Kanchipuram district. As per the divine will, it is revered Guruji Sri la Sri Kamakshi Swamiji who is the visionary behind the Shree Sakthi Peet.

The medicine to wipe out our sorrows is to develop unshakable faith in God.Bhakti alone can give us the capacity to put up with sorrows. Temples are the agencies for developing that Bhakti. All Offerings to the deities are tokens of our gratitude to the God Sri Maha Periyavaa.

This temple offers rare opportunity to the devotees to have darshan and grace of all the 108 forms of the divine mother at a single place, which are spread across ancient India.

The temple has been conceptualised in four layer coinciding with the four Purusharthas or human aspirations namely Dharma (Righteous life), Artha (wealth), Kama (desires) and Moksha (liberation). Accordingly, Shree Sakthi Peet campus would have temple architectures for meeting the different human aspirations.

The fourth level or Moksha Sthana encompassing Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi temple has been consecrated on February 9, 2014 as per Vedic traditions. This temple has been built entirely in rock stones as per Shilpa Sastra under the direct supervision of Padma Sri Muthiah Stapathi.

The consecration function was attended by thousands of people and the temple is regularly visited by scores of devotees since then. This temple has been dedicated for the welfare of the universe and hence all Pooja, Yagna and prayers are dedicated for the welfare of one and all.

The third level encompassing “108 Sakthi Peetam temples” around Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi temple has commenced. It was Maharishi Veda Vyasa, an ancient seer who first listed the 108 Sakthi Peetams in his Brahmanda Purana in detail. Such a tradition revered by greats like Adi Sankar and Maha Periyavaa, is being revived by our revered Guruji for the welfare of all in this millennia.

Post completion of Sakthi Peet temples, the second level would have Praharam followed by individual temples for Shodasa Ganapathi, Subramaniya Swamy, Bhairava and Santhoshi Maatha in first level.

Chaturvitha Pala Purshaartha Sidyartham is a Vedic blessing for the humanity which is given shape for the benefit of generations to come in Shree Sakthi Peetam.