Temple Announcement

Tamil New Year Day is special every year for the devotees of revered Guruji as they get astrological predictions of the year ahead for sun signs and also the religious/spiritual development activities to be done by one and all. But New Year day in April 2008 was very special as Sri Guruji spoke the “Voice of the Divine Mother Shree Swarna Kamakshi” and uttered the outline for a temple campus dedicated for HER. Sri Guruji highlighted the following:

  • Shree Swarna Kamakshi Temple would be built as per Shilpa Sastra and would be made of rock stones like the centuries old South Indian temples
  • Shree Swarna Kamakshi temple would be in the centre of four layered structure satisfying all the four human aspirations
  • For the first time, all the Sakthi Peet Devi temples spread over ancient Indian subcontinent and rest of the world would be brought to a single place for the benefit of the human community.
  • Each of the Sakthi Peet Devi would have a temple dedicated as per the tradition and this campus would be aptly called Mangalapuri (bestowing all goodness)