Mangalapuri – Chosen for a noble cause

On April 14, 2007 Divine Will ordained Sri Guruji that all Shakthi Peet (scattered across the Universe) to be unified at a single place, it was Divine Will again which chose the location as Mangalapuri, Kannanthangal village, Kanchipuram District.

In hindsight now as office bearers of 108 Shakthi Peet Temple, we realise that Mangalapuri is specifically chosen due to following special factors:

  • Temple is in the banks of Kamba river where the unification of Para Sakthi with Para Brahman happened (Divine Mother Kamakshi Devi unified with Parameshwara) and is very auspicious.
  • Being part of Kanchipuram a Bhoo Naabisthana Kshetra or Central part of the Spiritual world as per ancient scriptures. In other words, 108 Shakthi Peet is now located at Central part of the Spiritual World!!
  • 108 Shakthi Peet Confluence is pre-ordained and was decided at the time of Sage Agastya itself thereby a great legacy was rightfully revived (Source: Shakthi Peet Book by Sri Mason, Malaysia).
  • After completing the darshan of 108 Shakthi Peet Temples, Devotees can have the darshan of Universal Mother Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi in her unique Stone Temple
  • About 90 years back, the Walking God Shree Kanchi Maha Periyavaa apparently stayed and did penance in the very same premises where 108 Shakthi Peet temple is currently situated.
  • Shree Kanchi Maha Periyavaa came in the dream about 10 years back and informed HIS inclination for a place inside the Mangalapuri Temple!! Sri Guruji fulfilled the requirement of Kanchi Maha Periyavaa immediately so Devotees can have the Holy Darshan of Shree Kanchi Maha Periyavaa inside Mangalapuri Temple in the same form as HE chose!!

Being chosen for a noble cause Sri Guruji rightfully named the Temple premises at Kannanthangal Village as Mangalapuri (provider of all auspiciousness).