Heptad (Group of Seven)
Principles propounded by Sri KAMAKSHI Swamiji

  1. Kindliness: Love all living beings as they are God’s own creation just like you & Be a vegetarian, by this you express your true love to the fellow beings
  2. Acceptance: Accept everyone as your brother/ sister and do not discriminate on caste, creed or based on social status
  3. Munificent: Be generous in helping others & praise the good qualities and deeds of every one
  4. Abject Surrender: Surrender to Guru’s lotus feet is the surest way to salvation. But it should be unconditional in nature, so surrender your speech, actions with purity in heart at all times
  5. Simplicity: Follow simplicity in all walks of life to progress in the path of spirituality
  6. Humane: Be honest, disciplined and dignified in day to day life
  7. mpartial: Be open minded to the tenets of other religion(s) though it may be different from what you practice since birth