Gho (Sacred Cows) Samrakshanam

At 108 Shakthi Peet Temple Cows have always been regarded as holy and auspicious. Few unique things practiced at Mangalapuri in Gho Samrakshanam area:

  • Temple’s main deity Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi’s first Darshan every day morning is first given to the sacred Cows only after which all the devotees and even Sri Guruji gets the Darshan!!
  • Sacred Gho Pooja is conducted daily just outside the Main Raja gopuram straight in the line of sight of Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi as these Sacred cows symbolize prosperity, peace and harmony.
  • One of the 108 Shakthi Peet temples in Mangalapuri is dedicated to ‘Shakthi Devi called Nandini Devi who is in the form Celestial Sacred Cow!! And daily prayers are done to this Shakthi Devi seeking welfare of entire universe.
  • Temple Ghoshala has 16 cattle all of them are Country Breed and given special care by knowledgeable attendants duly supported by 108 Shakthi Peet Seva committee members.

The number of Cows and calves at the Gho Shala is increasing and the current Gho Shala is required to be converted into a full facility based permanent structure for which efforts are being taken by the 108 Shakthi Peet Seva committee members. Interested donors may contribute towards the noble cause.

Nandhini Shakthi Gho Nivas was inaugurated in January 2020.