Namaskarams Guruji,

It was very nice to see you talk live and get your blessings. Please bless all of us to develop bhakti like a iron rod in water.

Thanks to SSK Sangh for arranging this live webcast. It would be nice if we have more of this in the future.

Mahalakshmi, Mukesh and Govind,
Connecticut, USA
[email protected]

Great job by our SSKSS group. Congratulation for your best effort in managing this website which eventually getting us closer to our GURUJI.

Kumar Mariappan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
[email protected]

Dear Devotees,

Bhagawan Manushya roopenah! says an ancient verse and so is our Guruji Sri La Sri Mahasannidhanam Kamakshi Swamigal. Bhagwan is omnipresent. And so will be our guruji on the new year day through the website with everyone of us. Let us all pray for is long long years of his blessings to us all for centuries to come.

Jai Gurudev.

[email protected]

Jai Guru Dev.


I am viswanathan. G of Kumbakonam now at USA heared OUR Guruji’s New Year Message. It is a gift to me for the new year day. It is one of the way to see our Guruji in person in the New Year day

for the blessings of our beloved Guruji,

Viswanathan. G
[email protected]

This is just great. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Thanks to the team for doing such a great job. Guruji though we all live in various places far away from our home land, you make us still feel we are all close to you.

Looking forward to hear Guruji’s message online.

Seeking Guruji’s Blessings,

Deepa,Dilip, Darshan,Dravin
[email protected]