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What is Bhakthi? Devotion towards Guru, God etc. is Bhakthi. This subject has been discussed in BhagawadGeetha in detail. A calf is following its mother cow blindly wherever she goes. So is the case of any other animals. Human being has the sixth sense, but animals do not have this sense and yet this action is going on by nature. In other words these animals’ such act teaches the truth of Bhakthi to the human beings.

In India we see from our epics, Vedas, and Puranas, our ancient people gave importance to “Saranagathi” (Surrender). In our life circle, the baby first surrenders to the mother, and when that baby grows to the younger ages he or she surrenders himself/herself to wife/husband thereafter, in old ages to their sons and daughters. When the end of the life comes near we surrender ourselves to God.

On the contrary, it is very simple in our life that we surrender ourselves to a Guru, who would take care of our whole life. As has been said by our PoojyaKamakshi Swamigal in his recent interview, “Guru, the real master, is a bridge between human beings and God.” Whatever routine action you do in your life, you offer it to Guru and then see that the result of the same will be always good subject to the Karma which is ultimately deciding our destiny in this present life.

The politicians surrender themselves to the people before election and after that people surrender themselves to all those government officials and the same politicians.

Surrendering yourself to a Guru in whole is called “bhakthi”.

We all know that once Karna, in our epic Mahabharatham, wanted to learn the secret of using war weapons and for that he went to Guru in disguise as a Brahmin although Karna was a Kshatriya and that Guru normally do not teach to Kshatriyas. In the process of learning one day the Guru was asleep on the laps of Karna. At that time a giant flying insect came and sat on the other lap of Karna and started piercing through his thorax. Karna was bleeding profusely and sensing the blood that struck the body of the Guru, the teacher got up and suspecting Karna not to be a Brahmin to bear such a painful wound, he cursed Karna. Here the point to be noted is how bravely Karna was dedicated to his Guru by not disturbing his teacher during the course of sleep. That is Guru Bhakthi.

The other one is Ekalaivan who offered his thumb as his Guru Dakshinai to his master.

We do not have to go to that extreme. Atleast we can have Guru Smaranam all the time and be dedicated to him whenever we get opportunity to be near to him, the least.

That is the Bhakthi towards God or Guru.

As assured by god Himself in BhagawadGeetha “paritranayasadhunamvinashaya cha dushkrutam, dharma-samsthapanarthaya, sambhavamiyugeyugey”, although the God Himself would appear on this earth at the time of extreme Adharma among us, before his appearance on this earth, he sends Saints, Gurus, philosophers to this earth for the people to change their attitude of doing any sinful actions.

So it is imperative that we all surrender ourselves to our Guruji and get salvation from all our karmas. Our Guruji Sri La Sri Kamakshi Swamigal preached us all through one of the day’s divine thought “Guru preaches meditation and service through his knowledge and guidance.”

Once a Guru was walking on a road and saw at every tenth feet of distance someone dug for about a foot or two deep and went way. In this way he came across the man who was doing so, after walking for a kilometer. The Guru asked him why he was digging in such a way and pat came answer from the man that he was in search of underground water. Guru advised him instead of digging a foot or two at one place and going to another place for doing the same, you could have stuck on to one place digging for five six feet and you could have even found the water then and there itself. The man realized the fact and started digging at one place.

It is very appropriate for all of us to recollect our Guruji’s New Year message at the start of this(2008) new year that,

“Man attempts to lead a proper life. However he does not attempt to obtain the eternal grace of God. To obtain the grace of God, he has to approach a SathGuru, follow His advice and pursue the right path and by doing so, he becomes eligible for rendering service to God. In such situations, he truly gets the opportunity of leading a proper life, much more than serving God. Like a bee that considers a fruit as its entire world, we are also caught in a small world of our own. Before we accept any Guru, we should have firm faith and confidence in him. Proper life is one in which we constantly think of God and develop intense bhakthi.”

Once you surrender yourself to a Guru he shows the path of wisdom to obtain eternal bliss at the end.

Please write to SSKSS about your experience with our Guruji Sri La Sri Kamakshi Swamigal whenever he visited to your place or whenever you visited his Ashram at Chennai because on such occasion one is bound to experience a miracle because of the Goddess Kamakshi power our beloved Guruji has possessed in Himself.

Ever Yours,

Muthu Iyer,
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We are very much delighted the way the online Arul Aasi and the speech of Guruji’s came out very well. We have been blessed by our beloved Guruji.

The SSK SANGH done a very good service in order to see the speech of Guruji’s without any disturbances and buffering. Also the voice is crystal clear as if that we were listing Guruji’s speech personnely.

Even the One to One Arul Aasi with Guruji was also conducted very well and the team has informed in advance about our turn and it helps us to get ready without any tension.

We are expecting the same kind of programme in future often. Those who are in abroad like us it will be very good to have our Guruji’s blessings.

The SSK SANGH media team had done a wonderful effort and it reflected in the result. We are very much thankful for the team also.

Expecting the same kind of service and cooperation in future.

With Regards,

Sumathi Srikanth
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Jai Gurudev

Most humble pranams to beloved Guruji.

Words cannot express the joy we had listening to the discourse and thereafter the 1-1 with Guruji. I am sure this has been possible only with the sankalpa of Guruji and prayers of his children overseas. It is true that the heart of guru melts to the request of his loved ones. Let him bless us to be a worthy instrument in his hands and shape the future as per his holy mission.

I pray that Guruji continue to bless the media team ,trustees with many such unique efforts. Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu.

As per his directives we will strive to make our life simple, humble, filled with love and devotion.

Guru thiruvadi charanam

Balaji & family
Zurich, Switzerland
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Namaskarams to Guruji! I am blessed with Guruji’s directions. Though I have been receiving his blessings from 2003 onwards this is the first time am interacting with this group.

Am leading a happy life after having my very frequent visits to get Guruji’s blessings before which I was in series of personal problems in all walks of my life. During last Oct., 08 I cried on his feet for my situation and with his blessings am getting out of troubles one after the other. With his blessings I did perform the Upanayanam of my son during June 2009 for which his Holiness was present and we are blessed to have him on that occassion.

My sincere Namaskarams to Guruji and please involve me for any sort of activities of the group.

Padmanabhan K
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Grateful thanks to Guruji Grateful thanks to Guruji !!

I am staying near 23rd Street Nanganallur. I have approached Guruji on the following occasion and absolutely he has guided me very well to sail comfortably in my life / Career.


During 2000.
Approached him Whether to purchase the house on particular place and month. He has given clear instruction and I purchased and living very peacefully and comfortably where Guruji has advised.

During 2002
For marriage – He has clearly told me to go ahead for marriage. I am living very peacefully with my kids.

During 2003
There were some pregnancy related issues when my wife was conceived. He has given KUMKUM and he has blessed and my wife had normal delivery.

During 2004.
Due to some visa problem I was sitting idle for 5 months and I have approached him. He has told me that within 9 days you will get visa. And surprisingly exactly on the 9th day Evening, I got visa.

During 2006
I got transferred to Dindigul and my father was in DEATH BED at Madras.. Family members were suffering very badly as I was away from Madras to take care of bed ridden Father aged 85. I was about the resign the Job. Sought the Arul Vakku of Guruji. He has told to submit the resignation and within a month in the same Company I got the transfer to Madras. More over after my arrival, there were great improvement in father health conditions and now he started walking.

Thanks for your patient reading- Namaskarams to my Guruji

Nambirajan Varadarajan
([email protected])

I live in USA and married for several years but no kids. I asked several times my Mom to visit me, but she gave me all types of lame excuses. During Jun 2004, I went and met Guruji with my Mom. At the entrance, they allowed one person at a time. So, I went upstairs and met him. As soon as I saw him, started crying uncontrollably.

I was shocked to see, even my Mom was sent behind me. Guruji spoke to my mom and said, your daughter is craving for your visit to USA. Your visit to USA means more to her than having a kid. He asked her to go alone, God will take care of your husband. My Mom was feeling uncomfortable leaving my Dad(a heart patient) alone. He did not want to visit USA. And he told me, this coming new year, your Mom will be with you in USA. We came out. We cracked joke saying–what never happened in 10 years, how can my Mom visit USA?

Guess what, sudden turns of event, she came in Dec 2004. She had safe trip, my Dad also managed alone well. During her stay, our adoption of a daughter came through.

Even today, I thank him a lot. He made possible the impossible task. I took my adopted daughter to Guruji, who was 5 years old, maintaining some distance with me. He predicted that she would glue to you in a months time, you would go in August to USA with her safely. Needless to say, that also came through.

In Jan 2009, I went to Chennai, very keen on visiting him, but when I went his place, he went to out of town. Recently my cousin visited him. She is a frequent visitor. He told her, your cousin and daughter from USA wanted to see me, why did not you tell them when I am in Chennai?. They went back to USA without seeing him.

I hope, his blessings are always on our family.

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I came to swamiji ashram 4 weeks before. He blessed me that I will get my promotion in my office very soon. Miracle happened within 2 weeks itelf. I got my promotion as a project manager in my office. Swamiji is a great mahan.

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Grateful thanks to guruji for his miracle

I wish to share a miracle that my husband and I experienced after our meeting with Guruji. In June this year my husband was in Chennai to spend some time with his nephew, Hari who had come down from Canada. His nephew told him that he wanted to meet Shri Kamakshi Swamiji, to ask him about some problem he had. My husband was interested also to accompany him as we too were going through a problem. My daughter who studied in New Zealand was waiting to get a job so that she could get her work visa in New Zealand. If she did not get it then she would have to return to India. We were very worried about that.

With great difficulty my husband got an appointment to meet Guruji. Guruji just asked him who he wanted to ask about and my husband replied that it was about my daughter. Guruji wrote something and gave it to him. My husband was stunned because he had written the exact date month and the year she was born in. Then Guruji asked my husband what the problem was and Guruji then wrote a date when she would get the job and he also wrote work visa 100% and that she would do very well in life.

Then my husband came back to Bangalore and we went on with our usual routine. Suddenly one day my daughter called and said that she got a wonderful job and she had to sign the contract the next day. We were astounded because the date was 9/7/06. And that was the exact date Guruji had written and as foretold she got her work visa within 7 days. It was certainly a great miracle and we are very grateful to Guruji.

Then my husband and I went to Erode in November to meet Guruji regarding my son Sharavan’s Permanant Residence in Australia and some other personal problems. Guruji again wrote down his date of birth and all his problems before we could even tell him. Guruji also told me that I would be going abroad very soon. I am very happy to inform to you that I am mailing from New Zealand. My son Shravan’s PR is being delayed but I have great faith that as Guruji said he WILL get it and all the other problems will be solved. I know my prayers will be answered because meeting Guruji was a beautiful unforgettable experience

Thank you Guruji. We seek your blessings always

with great respect
Asha Ramesh

Dear Brother/Sisters of the Guruji family

Pardon me if I have choosen this forum to share my personal experience with Guruji. I seeked his guidance a number of times when my father was hospitalised recently and each and every time he blessed and made him feel better after every darshan and grant of his divine kumkum.

I requested his blessing once again for passing the most challenging Project management Professional exam from Project management Institute U.S. and as dicatated by his divine advice I cleared the toughest exam of my life today. I am spell bound by his personal care and love. I am writing this just after my return from his abode this evening expressing my gratitude.

Koti pranams – shata koti pranams to our beloved guruji.


Dear All,


Hope you all are fine there ? i want to share my experience that happened on Sat with Guruji ( 9th Oct 204) when I had been to Chennai….

God!!! our Guruji is such a GREAT PERSON…I cant imagine how a person can sit together for 6-7 hours continously to just serve people , day -in and day-out for the whole year…We all work, but then its for our own satisfaction and for our own personal needs..He does it for us which is something really GREAT…His POWER is something enormous….He just tells you inch by inch what you are and what you feel and whats going to happen to you – he guides you so well…

Me and my husband (Venkatesh) went there on Sat and can you beleive he wrote my name all by himself in the morning ,stating that Deepa- Bangalore will come today to meet me, I was ASTONISHED…

I am telling you out of my expereince that he is a PERFECT GURU and if we just be near him we shall get PEACE and HAPPINESS.. I trust him completely…The best part is that he recognises our love and devotion towards him…On Sat evening I went again for the class between 7-8 (he talks to people about general issues) and the most UNFORGETABLE INCIDENT in my life happened….I went with my MIL and we did namaskarams and I went and sat little far away from him…He said “Deepa come and sit near me”, i was TOUCHED…He told my MIL ” do you know I have taken sweekaaram(adopted) of Deepa and she is my daughter”- can you believe how I felt- my god I was SPEECHLESS and DUMB..I dint know how to react…Such a GREATTTTTTTTTTT MAHAAN calling me his daughter- there is nothing more than this I can get in my life….I felt I have reached the HEAVEN…

Then he was generally discussing about life, guru, god etc…I am not sure if you are aware of this but I want to share with with you all- There is a SAALIGRAMAM( i hope I have spelt it right) which was worshipped by a guru in the Himalayaas for 100 years and that saligramam has got a speciality (the only saaligramam in this world which has this speciality)- it is filled with river Ganges water in full such that if you move it you can hear the movement of the water- fully filled with Ganges water which is a rare one..Guruji said this is the only saaligramam in the world which has this feature…This saaligramam has gone to many hands and in Guruvayur they have done the gold sozhi and have indentified that this has to be with OUR GURUJI and they have sent it to our Guruji…Guruji said he has it at his place and guess what – he showed that to me – i was like BLESSED…I really felt on Sat that I reached the HEAVEN because the whole of Sat he was giving me all WONDERFUL AWESOME surprises….He also gave me his books(arul vaakugal) and I am not sure if you have noticed it – if you ask Guruji to keep kumkum for you ,he would keep it as a PERFECT CIRCLE…My FIL was STUNNED when he came to know that it was Guruji’s prasadam, but the kummum was a perfect circle)he thought it was a sticker)…

I am sharing this because I want to just tell each one of you my experience with Guruji..I sware you give in your COMPLETE SELF -SURRENDER to him and he will take care..You will lead such a HAPPY LIFE and he would make sure you are fine…You might have some bad events in life but if you follow a GURU like him, he will make sure we go through each moment of our life with happiness and he will carry you when we are in trouble…Please TRUST him and experience GOD within you and him..Please share your experiences with me and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee believe that GOD exists and our GURUJI will help you reach him by his grace…There is nothing required to reach GOD- Just surrender to our dear GURUJI…

Thanks for your patient reading- Namaskarams to my dear Guruji and you all

Deepa Venkatesh (from Bangalore)

A-402, Valencia, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai – 400 076 (Tel : 25797148,5700930, 98929 00603)

Sub : Guruji’s Birthday celebrations

We really had a blissfull time in the Jayanthi Celebrations of our loving Swamiji’s Birthday…..we cherished every moment of the event and also enjoyed every moment of ours before and after the event.

We don;t have any words to express but a gratitude of thanks to the the TEAM who took utmost care of us to make a our stay memorable and blissfull one. As I have said this is first time in my life I had take leave on personal basis to be a part of Poojya shri Kamakshi Swamiji’s Jayanthi celebrations personally. There is a spritual saying, we plan do lot of things in life, utlimately we need to have GRACE of the GURU to accomplish the plans and through HIS Divine Grace and Blessings it becomes Blissfull. We sow the seed of attending the Birthday, by HIS grace we could grace this auspicious occassion and cherish every momement – visiting temples in chennai under the guidance of Swamiji, active participation in Thanga Radham of Goddess Kamakshi in Mangadu (Life time opportunity), Darshan of Lord Balaji in Tirupati and above all presence in Jayanthi Celebrations – cherishing evey moments of the same. We came back safe – enlightened soul.

It was indeed a great moment for us to interact with devotees of swamiji and share some memorable moments.

Above all we are blessed to spend some memorable moments with our Loving Guruji during our Stay and seek HIS Divine Blessings to all our Loved Ones.

Please convey my sincere, heartfelt (direct from the SOUL) and gratitude of THANKS… the entire TEAM (Members of Kamakshi Trust) for their Hospitality and courtesy extended to me during the visit. My Humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Poojyashri Shri Kamakshi Swamiji. I seek HIS ever rendering DIVINE Grace for me, Family and Loved Ones always every moment of my LIFE.

I wish the TEAM all the Best for Navartri.

Bestwishes & Blessings from Subramani

Dear Poojyashri Shri Kamakshi Swamiji,


Our Humble pranams at your lotus feet……Paadharavindham.

We feel at BLISS in your DIVINE PRESENCE.
Your DIVINE Presence kindles the LIGHT within
Your DIVINE Words creates the awareness from within to lead us in the PATH of ENLIGTENMENT.

Your embodiment of LOVE make us feel LOAVBLE.

Your CRIMPSON RED COLOUR Attire vibrates spiritual bliss

Red KUMKUM in your EYE centre – entrance to the Kingdom of GOD (Divine DOOR) emanates RADIANCE for People who see within.

Through your ARUL VAKKU (Divine Message) you communicate a divine message of reminding of your selfless Love and CARE for us and showering your ever rendering DIVINE Grace on us.

Just like a lotus residing in a pond blooms at the sunrays, we bloom spiritually in your DIVINE PRESENCE, yet living in this material world.

We feel the inner PEACE and HAPPINESS in your DIVINE PRESENCE like a CHILD feels happy whilst holding his / her father finger enjoying the visit to a fair. The Momement we miss your PRESENCE, we feel dejected / un happy / sad like a CHILD feeld worried / tense / sad when his / her finger slips – detachs itself from father.

The world was same yesterday, today and will be the same tomorrow. It’s NATURE. But in your Presence we feel blissfull enjoying the NATURE.

Love – Faith – Devotion become a Divine Relationship.

By your Divine Grace, we have sown the seed of inner love, nurtured with full faith and devotion to become a Divine Relationship.

What a great concidence, Friday being devoted to Goddess Kamakshi Ambal, the same day we are celebrating our birthday of our Poojya Shri Shri Kamakshi Swamji. It is indeed a great blessings for all us present over here to seek the GRACE of Kamakshi Ambal through our Divine Swamiji.

We feel blessed to be in your Divine Presence on your Birthday to seek your Divine Blessings to all of us over here for Peace, Health, Happiness and Prosperity, lead us to the path of enlightenment, shower your ever rendering GRACE on all of us.

Guruve Charanam