Annapoorne Sadāpoorne | Shankaraprānavallabhe | Gnyāna Vairāgyam Sidhyartham | Bikshām Dehi Cha Pārvati | Atithidevo Bhava!

It is the sheer grace of Divine Mother Sri Swarna Kamakshi that all living beings get their food. Atithi Bhojanam (food for the guest) is highly valued in our Shashtras. Prāna (life force) becomes food. Thus, food becomes equal to Prāna.

Feeding the needy or Annadānam is considered the best of all donations. It is regarded as great, significant, and the source of life.

Every type of food that we eat has its own name, whereas what we get in the temple is not a food item. It is called Prasādam. As we consume the Prasādam, we get rid of hunger, and we also get dispassion and wisdom. We all know that Annadānam is regularly offered in many temples.

Contribution for Bhojanālaya

At Mangalapuri 108 Shakthi Peet Temple, we call it Annaprasādam, which is being offered to all. To make the Annaprasādam scheme a regular offering, a new hall named Swarna Kamakshi Bhojanālaya is under construction. Bhojanalāya is slated to be opened on Vinayaka Chathurthi, and we endeavour to have all the devotees served Annaprasādam thrice a day. Those who wish to contribute towards the construction of the Bhojanālaya and Annaprasādanam are welcome to do so.

We welcome you for Shakthi Peet darshan and get all the divine blessings.

Āyushmān Bhava