108 Shakthi Peet Temple @ Mangalapuri – Unity In Diversity

108 Shakthi Peet Temple a great legacy unique to our Bharatha Varsha required a revival and it was in this background that Sri Guruji was chosen by the Divinity. Sri Guruji over last decade-initiated steps to create a “Shakthi Peet Kendra” encompassing Shree Swarna Kamakshi Temple along with 108 individual Shakthi Peet temples at a single place.

Unity in Diversity:

In Sri Guruji’s words, there is a power behind the entire universe which we call it Maha Shakthi from whom all the living beings including we humans are born hence she is Jagath Janani Or Mother Universe. At Mangalapuri we have designed the 108 Shakthi Peet Kendra in such a way whereby

a) Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi symbolizes “the Maha Shakthi or Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari” as detailed in the Brahmanda Puraanaa &
b) There is a dedicated temple for each of the 108 Shakthi Peet Devis.

Sri Guruji further adds that, “it is symbolically referred that 108 Shakthi Devi represents the 108 body parts of the Maha Shakthi. Whereas as Maha Shakthi SHE is Supreme, SHE is indestructible, SHE has no forms, but SHE assumes forms at will. So, we all should know and realise that out of HER sheer compassion and WILL that SHE has taken forms as 108 Shakthi Peet Devi.

108 Shakthi Peet Devi Temples traditionally spread across ancient Indian subcontinent and rest of the world are carefully researched, identified from diverse backgrounds is now unified at Mangalapuri.”

This confluence of 108 Shakthi Devis is unique and extolled by great seers like Maharishi Veda Vyasa and Sri Adi Shankaracharya.

It is Sri Guruji’s wish that the entire society should be blessed with Shree Swarna Kamakshi Sametha 108 Shakthi Devi Darshan. The Temple is dedicated for Universal Peace, Welfare & Happiness.

All are Welcome!!