Shakthi Upaasanaa

Vedas and Upanishads authentically pronounce that Almighty as Para Brahman is beyond forms but takes the form of Para Sakthi and showers grace on the mankind. Shakthi Upaasana or worship of Sakthi is an ancient ritualistic prayer across the societies practicing Sanathana dharma. Shakthi is the very essence of the origin of life and all its creatures and hence she is called as the Universal Mother. She is called Kamakshi (first addressed by Lord Brahma) because she satisfies everyone’s desire with mere eye glance.

Shakthi Upaasanaa @ Mangalapuri as established by Sri Guruji

The two traits to be followed by the devotees and seekers to obtain the grace of Shree Swarna Kamakshi Devi are:

  • Expression of “Mathru Bhaava” meaning unbounded love display to fellow devotees and human beings
  • Practice “Poorna Charanagatham” or total surrender to HER lotus feet. Towards the above, Sri Guruji suggests the following steps:
    • Chant Mantra at the Temple premises wholeheartedly HER Beejakshara which is “Om Im Hreem Shreem Shree Swarna Kamakshyai Namaha:”
    • Perform ‘Deepa Seva’ at the Deepa Mandapa at the Temple premises
    • Participate in Lalitha Sahasranama and Vilakku Pooja Satsangh at the Temple premises (for ladies)