108 Sakthi Peet Temple Phase

Sakthi Peets are the ‘energy centres’ where Divine Mother Parasakthi revealed herself and were later identified by ancient Rishis as powerful spiritual centres. Shri Veda Vyasa details the list of 108 Sakthi Peet across the countries in the ancient scripture Devi Bagavatham highlighting their importance.

Right from ancient seers like Sage Durvasa, Sage Parasurama, Adi Sanakaracharya and to Kanchi Maha Periyavaa have all detailed the glory of Sakthi Worship which was spread across the globe. Due to impracticality, these temples are not being visited for ages now, it is in this context revered Guruji Sri la Sri Kamakshi Swamiji has taken a Sankalpa to revive this “Sakthi worship Tradition” through Sakthi Peet Campus with all 108 Sakthi Devi temples built and energized at a single place!!

This phase of building 108 smaller Sakthi Peet temples is in advanced stage of planning. Here each of the temples will host a Sakthi Devi as detailed in the “Devi Bagavatham” showering health, wealth, happiness and all auspicious things to the needy. These Sakthi temples would be built around the Swarna Kamakshi Devi’s temple as per Shilpa Sastra.

The devotees may contribute for the Nithya pooja and other Kaingaryam as below:

Seeking your patronage in the Temple Kaingaryam:

Sri Guruji has unveiled this critical phase of the temple project for betterment in the lives of each and every one of us and we seek precious contributions of your family and near and dear ones:

  • Desiring donors may choose their preference to book in any of the scheme and pay at the administrative office at the Temple Premises or the Trust office at Nanganallur Chennai.
  • Cheque/DD/Bank Transfers etc. shall be in favour of “Shree Kamakshi Kaingarya Trust” payable at Chennai. Trust address: No.15, 24th Street, Nanganallur, Chennai 600061
  • Inland direct bank transfers shall be made to Current Account number 0929101033317 at Canara bank Nanganallur Branch IFS Code – CNRB0000929
  • Overseas donors may wire their contributions to Foreign a/c no – 0929101043962 Canara Bank, Nanganallur Branch, Chennai, INDIA, IFS-CNRB0000929 Swift CNRBINBBMFD
  • Donors may also sponsor materials (Cement, Teak wood, steel, Sand, granite, bricks, electrical fittings, etc)

Trustees and Office Bearers

Sl.No.Name Contact
1Sri la Sri Kamakshi Swamiji
2Smt. S. Bhagyalakshmi
3Shri V. SrinivasanPatron
4Shri B. GanesanTrustee98400 84520
5Shri P. MuraliTrustee96005 64646
6Shri J. SivakumarTrustee98412 85245
7Shri P.N. VijayakumarAdministration Officer, Mangalapuri Temple94442 68655
8Shri K. SureshTrust coordinator & PRO Managalapuri Temple95000 72145
[email protected]